Fourth Birthday Fun

2:14 PM

Once again I come to the blog in disbelief of how quickly time flies. And I don't like it when it has to do with my baby. But, you see, she's not a baby anymore. She is four-years-old. That should be illegal to type.

However shocked I am about it, she is thrilled. So let me tell you about her pink pirate birthday bash. She chose the theme. She has fallen in love with Disney Junior's Jake and the Neverland Pirates and mentioned wanting a pirate party. I must admit, in response to her request I said, "You mean a pink pirate party?" And she said, "YES!"

Since I knew I'd be in my eighth month of pregnancy, I decided to take the party as far away from my house as I could - best decision I've made in a while. We booked My Party Place in downtown Columbus. I have to tell you, it was a booming success. Local moms, do this for your next party. They handled all the details (games, crafts, cake, ice cream...everything!) and it was worth EVERY dime I paid.

Libby's friends and family turned out Saturday morning for the party.

Libby with one of my sweet students, Madison. I want Madison to move in with me and raise my children. She would rather leave us this summer and go to The University of Alabama. I don't know why? ;)

Libby and Mimi just before all the kids arrived.

Then it was time to have some fun. We kicked off the party by painting frames. Every kid got to paint and decorate their own.

Then they began a treasure hunt. The map led the kids to this neat swing. Every child got to ride to the top and get a lollipop. Fun!

Then there were more clues from the map. These clues led to a game of musical chairs, limbo, walking the plank and even fishing in a treasure chest. 

The party planners also made time for face painting, tattoos and "pin the patch on the pirate".

Then it was time for a tea party and birthday cake.

Happy Birthday, Libby!

The kids polished off cake, ice cream and pink lemonade. And it was good!

Then there was a balloon drop.

It was cool and the kids loved it. They actually ran around and screamed for about five minutes. Who wouldn't love that? It was a great end to a great party.

It was such a fun morning. I had a great time being able to watch the entire party and take pictures. Libby gave her party rave reviews and Drew was glad that we were both so happy.

It was a wonderful party and one I'll remember for years to come. I am still processing this new stage she's in. Not a toddler, but not quite grown. To look at her she seems taller, more mature. But when I least expect it, she says or does something that is so innocent and gives me a glimpse of my baby girl. It's certainly bitter sweet. And for that, I don't pass up an opportunity to let her crawl in my lap (what little there is right now) or snuggle at bedtime. For I know my first born won't be like this much longer.

Thank you, Libby, for all that you bring to our family. You are a gift from God. You bring joy to all of us and I am thankful for you everyday of my life. Happy Birthday and let's stop all this growing up. I don't know how much more a mom can take.

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  1. Awwww, I'm a puddle of goo after reading that last paragraph! What a beautiful, fantastic party. I hope Libby had a blast! And my prayer for her is that she continues to grow into the sweet, innocent, loving, smart young lady she's becoming. Happy Birthday to Libby!!

  2. Libby is so precious! I love seeing the sweet pics. Looks like a blast to have a party at and wow talk about easy I think there needs to be a place like that around my way. Glad everything went well.

  3. Awww, I cannot believe sweet Libby is 4!! She is a little DOLL and her birthday bash looked absolutley fabulous!:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MISS LIBBY!!

  4. What a fun party - and how nice you could just take pictures and enjoy!
    It does go soooooo fast, such a cliche thing to say, but really it is so very true and such a sincere deep ache surrounded by joy. Odd.

  5. um, I'm going to have to have a girl just so I can have a PINK pirate party! wait...Judah likes pink. Hmmmm??
    seriously, cutest party ever. And I can't believe she's 4 already! She's going to be the best big sis :-)


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