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The last few weeks I have been showered with love and gifts for my second baby girl. It's been fun! The first party was hosted by my very kind co-workers. It was deemed a "Supply Shower" because I kept most all my baby gear (strollers, high chair, crib, car seats, etc.) from Libby's baby years.

After a few games and cake, I got to open gifts!

I was blown away at all the diapers, wipes, lotions and bath supplies I received. Any mother can tell you, those items are like gold!

And Miss Libby got several Big Sister presents, too. I have such thoughtful co-workers. She was thrilled to get to open her own gifts and feel special.

The following week I had a friends and family shower. These girls were the hostesses with the most(esses).

This is an entertaining group, let me tell you! They make me laugh...a lot!

Once again I was overwhelmed with sweet, pretty, precious gifts for the baby. I got some darling clothes, decor for her room and more baby supplies.

Libby and her friends had fun, too.

Receiving so many gifts for the baby has really make this second pregnancy seem real. Unpacking and sorting all her things has hit home that our tiny baby will be here very soon!

I am thankful for all the work that went into both showers. I feel the love, I really do! Thanks to so many good friends, family and co-workers that took time to celebrate our new baby with us. We are lucky and loved!

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  1. What a fun time looks like you got alot of great stuff. You are so right diapers are Gold. LOL Miss Libby is precious!

  2. I know I say this every week, but gosh Beth you look so beautiful! And you are clearly one blessed girl to have such sweet friends :) I love the burlap cross especially and yay for diapers!! But the sweetest pic of all, of course, is the one of all your adorable little girls. How cute!!

  3. So fun!!! Baby days - before and after - are so precious. I love the burlap - haven't seen that one out yet. :)

  4. Hey! Fun post. I enjoyed the shower <3 But, you failed to tell the AUsome story of how Libby, who hardly speaks to me, unprovoked and out of left-field told me she was an Auburn fan! Love you :)

  5. Yes, Kelly, notice I left that Auburn story out ON PURPOSE! ;) She's too far gone to the dark side!


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