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We've steamrolled through the month of May. No one in our family should complain of being bored, that's for sure. Last week, Drew celebrated his 32nd birthday. For nine whole days I was married to an older man - but I caught him. Yes, today happens to be my 32nd birthday, as well! 

His birthday fell on Sunday this year. We let him pick our lunch destination. He chose Outback. I enjoyed the time with Drew and Libby. It's a weird feeling knowing we'll only be a family of three for a few more days. 

Yes, Libby LOVES her Big Sister shirts. She has two and requests to wear them at least once a week. So we go with it, because, technically, she is a big sister, she just hasn't met her baby sister...yet.

We logged lots of time by the pool over the long, holiday weekend. It's been plenty warm, okay, HOT, and I've enjoyed working on my tan. I figure I better swim and sunbath now, because I know I won't have that kind of down time in a few more days.

Oh, Libby enjoyed the water, too! We all took turns "spotting" her in the deep end. Jumping off the diving board just doesn't get old!

And as promised, I have pictures of the girls' rooms. We'll start with the nursery first. This room has actually been empty since we moved in a year-and-a-half ago. I assumed it would be a third bedroom, I just didn't know when. 

We moved all furniture from Libby's room to the baby's room. We had to convert the toddler bed back into a crib. We also moved the changing table/dresser and a book/storage shelf. I LOVE this furniture and was so excited to get to use it again. 

I love the bedding. It's a precious, welcoming home for the baby, don't you think?

I'm excited to use this hand-made afghan from Drew's Aunt Tina. So sweet. 

And I must give a huge compliment to my friend, Heather. She made the 
burlap wall decor and gifted it to me after my baby shower. She's quite talented!

The baby's closet is stocked and ready.

Since we robbed the furniture out of Libby's room, she lucked up and got all new furniture. Her room is pretty big, so I had my eye on a full-sized bed to help fill out the space. The bigger bed has also helped us drive home the point that Libby needs to be sleeping in her bed...not ours! 

I love all the feminine details of the furniture. 

I searched for some time looking for just the right bedding. I wanted a mix of  sweet and girly - not too babyish and not too mature, she is still a little girl. I also needed something that she would not outgrow and could use for several years. After looking at what felt like hundreds of sites and in stores, I stumbled across this bedding. All the searching paid off. I love the colors and style. Just right for Libby.

And the finishing touch is the custom-painted "L" above her bed. My friend Jill is a graphic designer. She mocked up some wall art for me. Then my mother took on the task of tracing the art and painting it. She was a trooper because it wasn't easy. But as usual, she knocked out the D-I-Y project out of the park. Go Mom!

I'm still searching for a few accessories to finish her room. But I love what we have so far and Libby sleeps every night in her bed. A success in deed!

I am down to my last three days at work before I go on maternity leave. Ready or not, it's almost time to have this baby! Have a great week and I'll do the same!

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  1. Hope your birthday was fabulous! your fam is soon to have 3 bdays in the span of 1 week?!
    LOVE the rooms. especially the cross above the crib and L's bedding....perfect and fits all your criteria.
    it won't be long!

  2. Beautiful rooms. Best wishes as your new one arrives.

  3. LOVE it all! So excited for you!! Wonder who Baby Girl is going to look like? This is going to be fun fun FUN!

  4. It's looks fabulous Beth! You have great taste and I love the way you organize things. When we get a new house I may have you come over and give me some pointers.

  5. Oh I love that furniture you chose for the nursery - it's gorgeous! And that burlap cross art just melts my heart. So perfect & sweet.

    Hey, what would your Mom charge to fly to Charlotte & paint a monogram in our room? Seriously, that monogram is just FABULOUS!! Libby's room is just beautiful. I love the drawer pulls and that gorgeous pink & green bedding. Hope she loves it too! And hope she starts sleeping in her own bed ;)

  6. Oh Beth!! I just adore the sweet girly rooms!! They are perfect and I LOVE the cross..beautiful. So excited for you and your precious family!


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