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2:54 PM

I'm thrilled to post that our precious daughter is here! Georgia Katherine arrived June 4 at 9:00 am. She was 7 lbs, 13 oz and 20 inches long. Here's her story:

We were slated to arrive at the hospital Tuesday, June 5 for a schedule C-section. But Monday morning around 5 am, I awoke to my water breaking. I was quite surprised since I'd never experienced it before. That was some wake up call! I woke Drew, called the doctor and we were instructed to make our way to the hospital. We were pretty sure we'd have the baby that morning, but wouldn't know for sure until we got there. After being monitored (I was actually having contractions) we got the go ahead and called our family to join us at the hospital. In less than 2 hours after arriving at the hospital, Georgia Kate was born!

My surgery went smoothly. She was born at exactly 9 am. Drew, Libby and our parents were all there to see her first bath and enjoy those adorable first moments.

Libby was such a big girl. She took all the excitement in stride. She was a little overwhelmed by everything going on, but she seemed to really like her role as Big Sister. 

And to make this day even more special, Georgia Kate now shares a birthday with my long time best friend, Courtney! So cool! 

My sweet girls. I love them so much. Brings tears to my eyes...

We left the hospital Wednesday afternoon. We have LOTS of adjusting ahead of us. Our first night was not so restful, but we made it! Funny how you forget how little sleep anyone gets with a new born in the house. And it's also funny that when the sun rises you get over it because your tiny baby is so precious that you can't keep your hands off of her! 

We are thankful for such a healthy, CUTE addition to our family. Once again God has blessed us beyond what we deserve. 

We can't wait to start this journey as a family of four. Pray for us as we survive on little sleep. Also as I recover from surgery. I am still pretty sore and am ready to be back to my old self again. Thank goodness for pain meds and good friends and family.

Welcome, to the world, baby girl! Can't wait to see what our future holds.

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  1. What a adorable baby girl! I am so glad everything went well and you are all on the road to recovery!
    When you figure out how to catch up on your sleep, let me know how - it's been 4 years, now for me! ;)
    Welcome to earth baby Georgia!

  2. She is beautiful. Congratulations.

    Love her name.

  3. Oh Beth, she's absolutely gorgeous!! And I see pretty Libby in her face - they are definitely sisters :) LOVE LOVE LOVE her name. She's such a beauty. I'm just thrilled to pieces for you all.

    Thinking & praying for you that you recover quickly and get some rest somehow. And praying for little Miss Georgia Kate that she grows to be as sweet, joyful, and loving as her family!

    Blessings & love to you all!

  4. She is a precious little girl! SO glad Libby is adjusting well too! Congrats to you and Drew on your 2 little Parkman Princesses! :)

  5. I've been waiting for this post! Georgia is beautiful and looks like Libby I think. Congrats and we'll be praying for Zzzzzzz's. :-)

  6. She is so pretty, Beth! Smiling already in her photos! Congratulations!

  7. AHHHH!!! How have I missed this?!? I've been in my own hole! CONGRATS Mama!! She is gorgeous and I LOVE her name!! I'd REALLY like to "meet" y'all one day!! :)


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