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3:00 PM

 The last several days around our house have been mostly spent getting used to our new life. Having a second child around the house is new and different. None of us have been on a schedule. So it will be both good and strange when Drew returns to work in a few days. Can I handle supervising two kids alone? Hmm, sure hope so!

Libby attended Vacation Bible School last week. I usually blog about how I enjoy working with the kids at VBS each year. Though I didn't volunteer this year, Libby went and had a great time! The theme was Amazing Wonders Aviation. She has been wearing these aviator goggles for the past 3 days and flying around our living room. I think she enjoyed herself. 

We've had lots of visitors. Everyone wants to get their Georgia Kate fix. She seems to enjoy the company. As long as she's being held, she's happy meeting new friends.

And she keeps us entertained by being down-right cute! 

Each day we get a little more used to our new normal. And friends with two or more kids, you have my respect! I am looking forward to a time that we're all back on schedule. I know it's still a long way off, but for now we'll enjoy each day. Be back soon, have a great week!

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  1. Precious!! Georgia Kate is so adorable! Hope things continue to settle into your new normal!

  2. She's gorgeous. Oh I wish I lived close, I'd love to hold that precious Georgia Kate!! Hope you're getting some rest, Mama ;)

    2- Awww, I feel special, I made the blog hehe!
    3- Did I mention Georgia Kate is cute?

    I hope you are resting up friend. Let me know if you need anything at all!

  4. So sweet and precious - both of them! :) Oh how I remember that "2nd child fog". :) It is rather shocking to the system.
    Now do you see why I say parents of only children don't really "count"? LOL ;)


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