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9:39 PM

I'm back, I'm back. Can you believe I've let an 8 lb. baby interfere with my blogging? Life with a newborn might be taking a toll on me and my husband, but Libby has been enjoying all the special attention she's been getting since becoming a big sister. 

I have to thank our friends and family that have invited Libby to tag along on fun outings over the last two weeks. Her Aunt Angie coordinated a trip for Libby and her cousin to see Elmo Live. Angie said they both loved the show (and the popcorn). 

And check it out, face time with Elmo and Ernie!

Libby was also lucky enough to see Dora and the Pirate Adventure play with her Mimi the next day. She loves Dora and was excited to meet the entire cast after the show. 

Libby and Boots

Libby and Dora.

A few days later Coop called and invited Libby to join her and her nephew Jackson for an outing to the park to feed the ducks and to the new splash park in town.

Libby could hardly hold her eyes open when she got home. She asked to skip lunch and take a nap. Trust me, I can count the number of times in her entire life that she's put herself to bed. She was worn out!

When she is home, she squeezes in time to play with her little sister. She is such a good helper and loves to retrieve pacis and diapers for me. 

Georgia Kate continues to have visitors and make new friends. I have a feeling she is going to be social like her sister.

And one more fun event that we all enjoyed was the wedding of our friends, Amanda and Heath. Drew, Libby and I went to the ceremony at the church while my mother-in-law stayed with GK at our house. 

Drew volunteered to let Libby and I hit the reception while he kept the baby. That was a kind gesture to let us girls go mingle for a while. It was fun seeing so many of our friends. I enjoyed wearing real clothes and having conversations with adults! ;)

By the way, Amanda was a lovely bride.  

Libby had fun at the reception. She found her friend (and flower girl) Allie.

And they had quite a good time together!

Congratulations, Heath and Amanda! Here's to many happy years together. 

And if you were worried about Libby and her social schedule...please don't! I think she's going to make the adjustment to having a new sister just fine. 

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  1. Beth, you look fantastic! And Libby was adorable in the wedding pics. GK is growing so much! She already looks bigger in the pictures!

  2. Wow Beth, you look amazing! Holy cow, how did you snap back into shape so quick?

    I want a grown up version of Libby's closet - she has the cutest togs!

    And Miss Georgia Kate.... what a beautiful baby. Hope y'all are enjoying your summer together.

    Blessings to your sweet family!

  3. Libby is so popular! Sounds like y'all are doing great! GK is precious and you look great!
    p.s. was Libby not a little scared of that Boots because I am :-)


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