Three weeks

10:00 AM

Georgia Kate is three weeks old. And what a wild three weeks it's been...whew! We've continued to stay busy, stay tired and stay in one piece. 

We've done lots of things, but some tasks have been totally overlooked in all the madness. For example, Libby needs a haircut in the worst way. However, she told me she didn't want to cut it. Know why? Because her hair is long enough for a pony tail. Pretty cute!  

She was pretty proud of her 'do. But she announced as I was trying to detangle her hair the other night, "Ouch! It's time for a haircut!" So hopefully we'll tackle that task this week. 

Georgia Kate's great aunt and uncle stopped by last weekend. Her Uncle Warren scooped her up and was so proud!

Libby still loves Georgia Kate, too! At least once a day she asks to hold the baby. I am just excited that she hasn't asked to return her baby sister yet! ;)

Miss Georgia Kate got her first bath last week. To our surprise she didn't cry. She just looked around and wondered what we were doing

And Libby didn't miss any opportunity to help. She was right in the middle of the bathing action.

Squeaky clean and cuter than ever!

I still can't believe our baby is here. It's been a fast three weeks. I know the coming weeks will fly by, as well. I'll be back soon with more updates from the daycare our house. Have a great week!

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  1. I was on vacation for awhile, and didn't even go into the dashboard. Wow, it seems like she was born, and now it's been three weeks. Precious photos.

  2. Wow, in that last picture she looks just like Libby - just beautiful!

    Beth, did you ever receive those monogrammed bangles you won in my Giveaway? Laurie said they would arrive in 4-6 weeks and since they were ordered 6 weeks ago I'm hoping you received them. Let me know when you get a chance!

    Hope y'all are having a ball together this summer :)

  3. Beth! She is such a cutie! And miss Libby is looking so grown up with her little pony tail! Hope all is well. You are missed :)


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