Heat and Company

9:21 AM

We've made it to July in one piece. I was wondering if we'd survive the sweltering heat over the weekend. Was it as hot where you live? Oh. My. Gosh. It was just unbearable. We've dipped to a *cool* upper 90's this week. You know it's bad when the weather girl forecast a high of 96 and you hear yourself say,"Oh good, a break from the heat."

Georgia Kate is one month old! How did that happen? I dunno, but it did. I was telling my friend Kathryn that it's been both fast and slow. Fast because I felt like we were just walking into the hospital the morning my water broke. And slow because I'm still not getting a lot of sleep and that makes one day feel like forever!

We had some very special company last week. My brother, the girls' uncle Drew, came all the way from Colorado to visit.

He stayed several days so we got to visit with him a lot. A certain four-year-old had to warm up to him, but once she did, she LOVED having "Unca Drew" around. :)

Over the weekend we had a pool party and grilled out to celebrate his visit.

It was fun!

Drew got to get acquainted with Georgia Kate. I think they are going to be great friends!

We love you Uncle Drew! Thanks for the cool presents (we all got something!) and the visit. It's our turn to fly out to see you next time. We have big plans for Libby to learn to ski and he lives very close to both Beaver Creek and Vail. And thinking of snow skiing in this heat is about the closest to cooling down we're going to get this month.

Have a great Fourth of July and rest of the week!

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  1. Looks like a great visit! Hi Drew! Good to see you in pictures! Can't believe GK is one month old!

  2. Fun! :) Doug has skied out that way many times and loves it.
    1 month- wow!

  3. That is my first time seeing your brother! He looks so sweet with tiny GK!


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