8 weeks

10:37 PM

This week marks Georgia Kate's eighth week being a member of our family. She is growing so much! She's a sweet little baby and has fallen right into place in our family. She loves to smile and interact with us, especially after she eats. It's very cute! I wish I could report that she is sleeping through the night, but, uhh, she's not. To her credit, we traveled a lot in July and didn't really stick to a schedule. Now that we're home again, we're working on reclaiming that long stretch of sleep at night. Wish us luck, 'cause I'm tired!            

Look at that cuteness! 

She's already covered a few milestones. She went to the church nursery for the first time this week. The ladies loved her and said she was very good. She also has been back to the beach a second time and continues to meet new friends and family. And she's becoming quite the shopper - she's already accompanied me to Target, K-Mart and Publix several times. 

And I thought this picture of GK and her Great Grandmother, Motsie, was a sweet moment. Georgia Kate is her ninth Great Grandchild.  

The rest of us are doing well, too. Libby is as spunky as ever. She wants to do everything and not miss a moment. Here she is helping Drew make pigs-in-a-blanket. 

She takes her assignments very seriously. 

I have been shopping for school supplies for her. She'll be starting K4 next week. Yep, K4. Hard to believe. She'll be starting her final year at the church daycare that I walked her into as a 14-week-old. Now that can't be right. I am handling it okay for now. But all bets are off this time next year when we'll be preparing for kindergarten. Wait, can't go there yet, too sad!

Hurry, let's put up another picture of Georgia Kate so I can get that warm, baby love feeling again. Whew, that's better. 

Lucky for me, we still have several weeks of summer fun left. I don't return to work for about four more weeks. And I know those will fly by. But until then, we will keep calm and enjoy summer. By the way, are you enjoying the Olympics? Libby loves watching gymnastics and I have become a big fan of swimmer, Missy Franklin. And I may have watched the better part of a men's water polo match because the team was so buff. Nope, couldn't tell you the final score or the rules of the game, but I know those fella are strong! ;) What? There are other sports with shirtless men? Gotta run...!

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  1. She is absolutely beautiful. Sometimes, I feel like time stands still, and other times, it flies.

    When you said "eight weeks", I was like wow.

  2. Such sweet, sweet preciousness!! Savor every second of preK - it is magical! All bets are off when it's over and you have to send them out into the "wide world" (in my best Forrest Gump voice).


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