11:43 AM

Today was the day. My BIG girl started her first, last day of preschool. Oh my. 

Today was the official first day of K4. Yes, she's been four since April, but now she's in K4, Pre-K, the last stop before Kindergarten. 

She was excited. And honestly, I was, too. She and I attended Open House last week to see her classroom and meet her teachers. So she was looking forward to returning this morning.

Drop off went smoothly. She unloaded her supplies, found her hook, proudly hung her new book bag and found her seat. The class was getting ready to line up for breakfast and she was happy to get going. 

I can't believe how grown she is. I really, really can't. 

Every parent wants nothing but the best for their children and the same is true for you, Elizabeth Caroline. I pray you have fun, learn a lot and are happy and fulfilled every day, my child. I love you!

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