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A few months ago I posted about winning a blog contest I entered over at Copacetic In Carolina. I got to select colors for my custom, monogrammed bangles. Wednesday there was a knock at the door and the mail man handed me a package.

My prize finally arrived. Wahoo!

And let me tell you, the bangles are even cuter in person than I imagined.



I can't wait to wear these cute bracelets out and about. I am thrilled to have received this gift. Thanks, Ally and Preppy Paper Girl!

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  1. Those are adorable! Pink and Orange is my favorite color combo! Nice win for you.

  2. Wow, my break from blogging has been too long! I totally missed this post, but I most especially missed seeing Libby & Georgia Kate's beautiful faces :)

    So glad you finally got the bangles. Boy howdy, who knew hand-painting some bracelets took this long? Still, they look gorgeous on you, Beth. What a sweet post! I hope you love them for years to come. Good thing a monogram never goes out of style ;)

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