Beach Break

10:49 PM

I finally made it to the beach this summer. It felt like I had been away a long time. We took Libby in March and haven't been back since. I was too pregnant to make our annual Memorial Day trip and too busy taking care of newborn to go in June. But finally July arrived and I was reunited with one of my favorite spots...the Gulf Coast. 

Libby was back to her old ways in a matter of seconds. 

And the beach has a new friend, Georgia Kate. 

Hi Ocean!

Okay, so Georgia didn't quite get the full experience of playing in the sand and ocean, but she will. And for this trip she was content watching her sister swim, 

Sitting with Mommy, hanging out with Mimi around the condo,

And watching beautiful sunsets every night.

We also had the bonus of meeting up with some of our friends from home.

Libby was in heaven swimming and playing under the tent with the Griggs cousins. They played card games, even got their nails painted!

Our trip was coming along so nicely when a curve ball came our way on Day 3. I was hit with a MISERABLE case of Strep Throat. It. Was. Awful. I tried to pretend I wasn't sick for the first 36 hours that I felt bad, because who wants to be be sick at the beach? Answer: No one! 

But after waking up in the middle of the night soaked in sweat, with chills and a swollen and painful throat, I knew I couldn't ignore it any longer. The next morning, Mimi and I went through the phone book, pulled out maps, googled directions and I got myself to a walk-in clinic. After making it through the appointment and a trip to Walgreen's for an antibiotic, I returned to the condo. I tried to rest and tell myself I was going to feel better very soon. Mimi was a champ and spent hours at the pool with Libby while I mostly groaned and felt sorry for myself...oh, and took care of a baby. We made it to Monday and when I wasn't feeling any better, we decided to pack up camp and come home a day early. And just to round out the tone of trip, Drew took Libby to an after hours clinic for children the evening we got home, where she, too, tested positive for Strep. If you're still reading (thanks!) you'll be happy to know that we are both much better. Well, Libby never seemed too sick. Just said her throat hurt twice, but continued full speed ahead. And for that, I'm thankful. 

Besides the rough patch there at the end, the trip was fun. The ocean and weather were really pretty throughout our stay. We had some good food (well, before swallowing became a dreadful event for me). Both girls were excellent travelers and Libby logged many, many hours between the beach and pool. 

I know I won't ever forget Georgia Kate's first trip to the coast! 

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  1. Love reading about all your beach trips! Glad all 'the girls' got to go! So so sorry about strep. that is awful! so glad everyone is all better, though. xoxo

  2. The girls are beautiful. I am so sorry about the strep, but glad you all are on the mend.

  3. Beth you birth beautiful babies. Its amazing. Your girl's are gorgeous! So sorry strep came along for the beach trip. Glad you're better and the baby didn't get sick too!


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