Fun on the Fourth

4:44 PM

Not only was Wednesday the Fourth of July holiday, but also Georgia Kate's one month birthday. A whole month with our new baby, can you believe it?

I took pictures of GK and Libby because I know I'll blink and it'll be two months, then three. Gosh, before long, I'll be posting something silly like it's time for her first birthday. But I can't think about that now. Back to tiny onesies and baby talk for now. Whew, that's better.

After I had a sentimental moment, we loaded up Drew's truck and we headed to the backwaters, Lake Harding, for some Fourth of July fun! Our friends, Margaret and Jeremiah, had a gathering at their place on the lake. 

We fished,

And grilled (and ate too much),

And hung out with friends.

And Georgia Kate got LOTS of attention :)

We all took turns swimming. Libby was a fish. Drew and I were a little surprised since we were swimming in lake, not a crystal clear pool. But she never hesitated. She swam with everyone for hours at a time. She must have jumped off the dock into lake at least 40 times over the course of the day. She really enjoyed herself and we enjoyed watching her. 

The evening ended with a boat ride (GK even got to cruise). It was a nice holiday and truly enjoyed spending the day with friends and family.

Also, Happy Birthday to Uncle Drew who celebrated his birthday on July Fourth! 


We are headed to the beach this week. Just the girls, Libby and Georgia Kate, me and my mom. I'm excited and nervous. Just thinking about packing everything in the car is enough to overwhelm me. But we can do it, I have faith! One glimpse of the white sand and ocean and (I hope) all my cares will be washed away.

See you soon!

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