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We took on a crafty project this weekend and I wanted to share it with you. I pinned this idea to one of my Pinterest boards a few weeks ago. There is a long history of tractors on my husband's side of the family. My husband, his father and grandfather have all worked for John Deere. I knew this craft would come in handy.

Turns out I had a chance to use it sooner rather than later. I got started by finding GREEN paint. No red or blue tractors are even acknowledged around here! 

I only had lime green acrylic paint. So I mixed in blue paint until I got the perfect shade of John Deere green. 

I painted the bottoms of both girls' feet.

Drew helped keep their feet still while stamping. (I used this card to practice.)

Two green feet. 

Then I added a cab, smoke stack and tires. 

This was a present for my Father-in-law's birthday. I was pleased with the final product and it's a cute way to document the girls' sizes. I know they'll like seeing how little their feet were as they grow through the years. 

With help from Pinterest I can be crafty! 

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