HALF crazy? Yes, maybe!

9:50 AM

Friends, I have big news!

No, I'm not pregnant.
No, I'm not getting a new car.
Nope, I'm not coloring my hair.

With much excitement and lots of anxiety, I've committed to running a HALF MARATHON. 13. 1 miles. Running. Hopefully no stopping. Or passing out.

So let me tell you why and where we go from here.

First and foremost, I blame peer pressure. And secondly it's something I've thought, "One day I'll do it...one day." And now the day is here.  

My super athletic friends Coop and Heather are runners. Coop's run a couple of half marathons, Heather's run a marathon. (Bunch of show offs!) They've been discussing running a half marathon together. Then I got involved. Then we talked about adding a few more friends and making a girls' weekend out of it. So after much thought and talking it over with my husband I decided I CAN DO THIS. I may not be the fastest, but I will train and I will face the challenge. And I'm excited about it. 

I've started a 14-week training plan that includes running (a lot of dang running) and cross training like swimming or biking.

I also bit the bullet and bought some "real" running shoes.

 And the last step is telling people. Because I can't say that I'm going to run a race and not do it. I have to hang on to my pride, right?

So now it's out there. You all know. And now I have to carry out my training and see how my body handles all this running.

My longest run so far has been five miles. I am proud of that, but still have many miles to go. I'll keep you posted as my runs progress. 

Here's to running myself crazy...

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