Running Update

12:33 PM

So have you gotten over the news that I am going to willingly run 13 miles? I have not. But that hasn't stopped me from working on my weekly training. I'm four weeks into my training plan. I have nine weeks left. 

Two of my recent milestones were running five miles last week, then six miles Sunday. Oh my goodness. 
I'm so glad that I've got a group of friends to run with. Wait, I wouldn't be in this situation if it was not for them, but I digress. The last two weekends we've meet early Sunday morning for long runs. If you are training or ever plan to, run with other people. I could not do it alone. For example, I was tired and wanted to quit between miles four and five. My running partner, Coop, would not let me stop. I didn't really want to give up, but my mind was beating me up. With her encouragement, I pushed through and finished the six miles. Whew.

I love my new running shoes. I wasn't really sure if they'd make that big of a difference. But I've noticed that I don't think about my feet at all while I'm running. Exactly what they are designed to do. So that hefty price tag just might be worth it.

I still have many hurdles to jump - like miles 7, 8 and 9. But it's okay. I'm taking it one week at a time. 

I'll keep up the running (and sweating!) and post updates as I progress.

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  1. Woo hoo!! Go Beth! I'm so proud! Run girl run!

  2. You are awesome! You got this. I'm so happy your new shoes are working out too.

  3. Girl you have got this. I have always wanted to do a 5k and look at you go you give people like me inspiration

  4. Great job, Beth! Smart move on the good running shoes. They make a huge difference. We are so lucky to have Big Dog Running Company in the area; stop by and shop with them if you haven't already. Keep up the running!

  5. Are you half-crazy?? Why yes, yes you are. :) Good for you!

  6. Just discovered your blog...such cute girls! Great job on the running, wish I could get back into it! Keep us posted ;)


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