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Hi blog readers. Does my font look more mature? More refined? It should since I'm now an older, wiser parent of a Kindergartner. 

Here's how Libby's big day went: 

We rose early to get dressed, pack her lunch and get out the door. 

Though this picture may give you the impression she's not happy about starting school, she was fine. 

Over joyed, in fact!

Mom got a little carried away with the photos. But sweet baby chicks, she is cute! Can you blame me?

We dropped Georgia Kate off to her school first so we could smother focus all our attention on Libby.

After some pictures outside, we headed into the school. Though it's only Kindergarten and first grades, it's a big school. So the three of us marched down the long hall to Libby's classroom. 

She remembered where her desk was from Open House and got settled in.  

Libby and her teacher, Mrs. Culpepper.

Then with little fanfare, we gave Libby hugs and high fives and she calmly released us from our worrying parent duties. She was fine. Happy. Content. 

I was thrilled that she was cool with everything, but that's it? I prep for five years for this moment and you just smile and tell me goodbye? Yep, that's how it happened. And I couldn't have been more proud. Except for when I cried walking down the hall. But they were happy tears. Proud tears. Thankful tears. 

She was still perky when I picked her after school. Her exact words when I asked her how her day went was, "Fun!! We didn't do any work and I stayed on green light!" She was happy to go back the second day and I pray she'll be this excited all year. 

That's all the milestones I can handle for the week. No one else has permission to grow up. Not right now, anyway.

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