Week 2 and 8 Miles

4:48 PM

She did it! Libby survived her first week of Kindergarten. She had fun, never shed a tear and stayed on green light all week. (If you're unsure, green light is good. Red light, however, is bad news!) 

I picked Libby up from school Friday and took her for celebratory ice cream. She was happy to have mom all to herself. I attempted a picture of the two of us. She was more concerned about showing her ice cream to the camera.

She was ready to return to school to start her second week. Good news for us and her!

Saturday the girls and I logged an eight mile run. We tried something new and ran with a group that kicked off at 6 am. Yes, on a Saturday. Someone please give me a gold star for that. 

There was a treat for us once we finished. Big Dog Running Co. serves pancakes to the running group upon your return. I'm not going to lie, the pancakes were certainly on my mind the last few miles of the run!

Another week is in the books for training and we're still going strong. We're about six week away from race day. As our mileage gets longer, I can actually see the reality of completing the race. Looking forward to challenge that's been set before me!

Have a great week, everyone. Hope you stay green light everyday!

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