Kindergarten Graduation

10:01 AM

Take a look friends, we have our very own Kindergarten graduate. 

Libby and LOTS of her classmates put on a great show at their Kindergarten Graduation last week. 

There was singing, dancing and a grand finale. With top hats!

Bring on the kick line!

"Start spreading the news...First Grade! First Grade!"

We are very proud of our graduate.

Libby and her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Pam Culpepper. 

And with her principal, Mrs. Jana Sparks. 

And her All-Star Mom! Who typed that?

I' m not exaggerating when I say that we've had an AWESOME first year of school. Libby is a smart child and she was blessed with an awesome classroom teacher and a stand-out staff at her school. I have no doubt 1st grade will be just as wonderful.

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