May: Week 3

9:54 AM

Hi blog readers. We made it through another busy week. 

Drew and Libby enjoyed her end-of-the-year party at school. The students had ice cream sundaes, received special awards and gave the teacher her presents.

Later that afternoon I took the girls for haircuts. They both need them badly. It was Georgia Kate's first ever haircut! It took her almost two years to have enough hair to require a trim. 

She wasn't sure about it, but with the help of a lollipop, she was just fine. 

Libby played her last two softball games this week. Following the game Saturday, we hosted all the girls and their families at our house for an end-of-the season team party! Drew and I worked hard to get everything ready and thanks to lots of hard work from my friend, Amy, the team mom, we pulled off a fun afternoon for the girls.

Sunday evening we attended an end-of-the-year program for AWANA, a children's ministry at our church. All the children had special parts to share. Libby recited ALL the books of the New Testament. 

She was surprised when the Children's Minister named her the kindergarten clubber of the year! Way to go, Libby!

We're now counting down the few days left of school. 

Up next: Kindergarten Graduation (pass those tissues) and a trip to the beach (pass the alcohol sun screen). 

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