May: Week 2

8:00 AM

Someone pass me a Red Bull. We're two weeks in to May and still have a long road ahead. 

Last week we worked all week, (but that's boring and who wants to read about that on my blog?) squeezed in two little league softball games, hosted my dear friend, Kathryn, for a weekend visit and did a bunch of other stuff. Want to hear about it?

Friday I went to Libby's school to enjoy a Mother's Day picnic. She worked on some sweet gifts for me and we enjoyed lunch outside with her class.

Libby's softball season has flown past. They have two games left. The girls played a great game Saturday. They all had great hits and they were actually making outs. Trust me, this is big. The coaches were glowing at the end of the game and the girls were pleased with themselves, too. 

Team huddle. Go Angels!

Saturday the whole family (and Kathryn, who was honorary family for the day) attended the annual Parkman Family Reunion. We ate good food and visited with extended family.

Saturday evening we celebrated my mother-in-law's 60th birthday with a family and friends get together. We drug Kathryn along for that, too. She was a good sport all weekend. :)

By Mother's Day morning I was worn out! I napped after church and later we could take Mimi out for Mother's Day dinner. (No picture, sorry.)

We did capture a few pictures before church with my two favorite girls. They are sooo pretty! Nope, I am not biased at all - it's just a fact.

P.S. They are why I'm so tired. However, I'm not trading them in...ever!

One last picture of KK and the girls. We enjoyed having you! Much love!

It was another full throttle weekend, that's for sure. Two weeks down and several exciting events to go.  

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