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I found this list through one of my favorite blogs, WHATEVER. It was fun to read, so I'm doing the same here on my blog. Enjoy! (and make your own list if you'd like to share.)

READING... Justice for All by Christy Kyser Truitt, Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg and Southern Living when I have the time. 

PLAYING... The Hanging Tree sung by Jennifer Lawrence. I remember the song from the book, The Mockingjay, but was hooked when Lawrence sang in the movie. It's so simple...yet creepy! Also, my best girl, Coop, makes us CDs from time to time. Libby and Georgia Kate love them and force me to play the same songs over and over again. Their favorites from the most current CD is No One Like You by Barlow Girl, Oceans by Hillsong United and Do Life Big by Jamie Grace. 

WATCHING... Cougar Town, Big Bang Theory, Castle, Bubble Guppies and Paw Patrol. The last two are forced upon me. :/

TRYING... To get back in shape. Walking a lot, running some. Happy to be moving again. Exercising during the winter months is always a challenge for me. 

COOKING...If you call taco night, spaghetti, sandwiches, soups and crock pot meals "cooking", then that's what I'm cooking. For the record, I do call it cooking!

EATING... A cheese stick. My morning snack. I live for snacks! :)

DRINKING... Currently sipping on a Smart Water. My favorite drink of the day is my morning cup of coffee. And Riesling is my choice of wine when I get the chance.

CALLING... The shots? I dunno. I don't really call many people other than Drew and my mom (Hi Mom!)

TEXTING... My husband about day-to-day stuff. My former co-worker, Kelly because we still have a lot in common and group texts with Coop, Hedges and Heather. These texts are THE best! Keeps me in stitches to read about the funny things that happen to us through out the day.

PINNING... Cute outfits. Then I recreate them with things I already own. Or I find affordable pieces to purchase. It's a great way to get fashion ideas. Someone else does all the work, I get all the credit. ;)

TWEETING... I don't tweet. Am I the only one?

CRAFTING... Umm, no. Can't answer this one.

DOING... Laundry, working, always doing something.

LOVING... My girls so much. They are both in such neat, amazing stages in their lives. I often hear my internal voice telling me to "soak this in, it won't last long." And I'm trying my best.

HATING... How much I am dependent on my phone and social media. It's so convenient, but makes us so lazy. I try to read the news from actual news site or hear reports on the radio or pick up a paper, not from Facebook. It's hard to explain, but I'm trying to stay current in the world, but not be just another idiot addicted to their smart phone.

DISCOVERING... (again) How easy it is to make sandwiches and paninis on our George Foreman grill. I used it all the time before we had kids. A few months ago I pulled our grill from the depths of our cabinet and (re)discovered all sorts of ways to make grilled sandwiches fun! Turkey, cheese and spinach panini, anyone? And the two little girls in my house love grill cheese sandwiches.

ENJOYING...Early bedtimes. In the last year or two, I've become the first (adult) to bed. Drew is the night owl. I like getting to be still after long, demanding days. I am not ashamed...I LOVE BEDTIME!

HOPING(for)...Upcoming outpatient surgery to be over with. Quick and not-too-painful is what I'm hoping for. (Inner ear issues, if you're curious.)

CELEBRATING...My friend, Beth's, birthday last weekend. Happy Birthday!

THANKING... God for my family, friends, job, my health and all the cool things I get to see and do everyday!

CONSIDERING... Selling Georgia Kate to a nice family if she doesn't lock this potty training thing down soon. Well, not really. But let's get this show on the road, kid! 

FINISHING... Umm, this blog?

And there you have it, a snap shot of who I am and what's running through my mind right now. 

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  1. Love the list that shares what you're up to! Wish I had a to blog to share the same!


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