January happenings

2:07 PM

January always seems to start off slow for me. The weather is blah, we're headed back to school and work and I usually find myself day dreaming about spring. But the last few weeks have been pretty upbeat and busy. So far, so good.

Libby's social calendar has been full. She's party-hopped the last two weekends. First we got to go ice skating and the next weekend to a western party. 

We also celebrated my FIL's birthday over the MLK weekend. 

Please enjoy her toothless smile. 

Since the girls and I were off Monday, we met up with friends for a donut date. Did you know Krispy Kreme will reward your kids for All A's? Libby earned four donuts. Yum!

This week Lakewood Primary School marked the 100th day of school. The teachers and students celebrate by dressing up as old ladies and men. I let Libby pick out glasses and a chain from the Dollar Tree. She was so excited to "be old" that she could hardly fall asleep the night before.

Recipe for Granny Libby: 
turtleneck, crochet sweater, baby powder for grayish hair, readers and glasses chain and a purse in the crook of her elbow. :)

And lastly I'd like to take time to congratulate my friends on taking on our first ever mirror selfie.  Yes, this is a real thing. I see them all the time on social media. We decided it was time to have our very own picture in a mirror. 

And that's how it's done. Thanks for the stellar poses, ladies! ;)

Have a great week.

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