Springing into March

4:09 PM

Holy time change, Batman! Anyone else having a hard time waking up an hour earlier besides me? I always stagger through the first week of spring time change. I LOVE the extra hour of daylight in the evenings, but I don't love feeling like a zombie until my body catches up.

To make things easier I've decided to give my toddler coffee.

Not really. But Georgia Kate does ask to drink my coffee every Saturday. I finally let her taste it knowing she wouldn't like the bitterness. Wrong! She's said, "Ahhhh! Mo' coffee." No, wee one, you can't start the hard stuff just yet.

Several weeks ago Libby and the children's choir at church performed during the Sunday evening service. It's always fun to see them on stage.

Last week both girls celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday with a week's worth of dress up activities and fun at their schools. I am all tapped out of creative dress up ideas. :/ But the girls had fun and were cute. 

Libby is enjoying softball practice and is so excited about her first ball game. She got in some batting practice Saturday. 

After practice we enjoyed visiting Drew's work for their annual Open House. These two loved the hay ride. I know we rode it at least three times.

The Spring Break countdown is on! Less than two weeks...yahoo! 

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