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We spent the last weeks of September enjoying family and friends. Here's what's been keeping us busy.

Papa had a (big!) birthday in September! We celebrated with a lunch, cake and swimming after church. The water was almost too cold for me. The girls didn't seem to mind. It was a fun afternoon and time well spent with family.

Happy Birthday, Papa! 


Last week was Homecoming at one of my high schools. The week was full of dress up days and lots of school spirit. 

I joined in the fun for Character Day

And rode in the Homecoming parade with these students. 

Last weekend we had the chance to go to the Auburn vs. Mississippi State game. It was a home game for Auburn. We only had two tickets, so the girls spent the night with their grandparents and Drew and I got a date afternoon/night. We really enjoyed ourselves. 

Before the game we visited with friends. During this short time we decided it would be fun to pose like sorority girls.

I think we've still got it! ;)

I had to dress in neutral colors since I wasn't pulling for either team. No  orange, no blue, no maroon...nailed it!

Once we got in the stadium I was eager to see Auburn's new jumbo tron. They upgraded to a HUGE new screen. And I do have to agree, it's very huge, indeed!

However the jumbo tron was the high point of the game (if you were an Auburn fan). Miss State stayed on top for the entire game. They upset Auburn in their own stadium. Bad news for Drew and my Auburn friends. 

And lastly, I spent Sunday waiting for updates from Augusta, GA. Coop competed in her very first half Ironman. If you're not familiar with the stats, that's 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride and a 13.1 (half marathon) run. Holy Smokes. Makes me scared just to type it!

Heather, Beth and I made Coop signs the Friday before her race. We snuck them in her school and with help from her co-worker, the signs were hung around her school to surprise her. 

Coop has been so disciplined and trained for months. We were so excited for her!

Sunday afternoon after she'd been racing for over 6 hours, my friend crossed the finish line!

Coop is awesome and I am very proud of her! She is one tough athlete and it was fun to watch her take on this intimidating challenge and complete it. Great job, Coop!

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