16th Time's the Charm

9:53 AM

Monday evening Alabama faced Clemson for the National Championship game. We were ready!

The game is played on a Monday evening. Whoever came up with that plan must not have small kids nor do they have to be at work early the following morning. 

After a photo shoot with GK in her jersey, dinner and baths, we got the girls ready for bed so Drew and I could watch the 8:30 pm kick off. Libby asked if she could stay up. We declined since going to bed after midnight is not considered good parenting. :)

The game was SO CLOSE. It was a such a tight match up. Clemson is an excellent team. Their QB, Watson, is fast and Bama couldn't stop him.

I was not sure if Alabama could pull off the win. But with a few amazing, awesome, powerhouse plays, they stayed in the game. 

They pulled off the win and for the 16th time won the National Championship title. Rollll Tide! 

Jake Coker, Bama's QB, talked to reporters and said his brother who is currently serving overseas is the real hero of the family. Tear. 

And Saban and the team celebrated. 

images: AL.com

And I celebrated by snapping this picture of Nick smiling. :) 

It was another story book season. It's been a fun seven years to be an Alabama fan. During my four years at Alabama it was not like this. So I can say I've been with them through the ups and downs. No matter what, the University of Alabama is an amazing football program and I'm proud to be a fan!

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