New Year's Trip

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It took a few days to recover from all of our Christmas fun. Our house had boxes here, there and every where. It drives me crazy to have stuff strewn around, but I let it be for about two days. Then it was time to sort, organize, trash empty boxes and be able to see the floor in my living room. 

This year I was very quick to pull down my Christmas decorations. Some years I don't want it to be over, but I got them up early this year and we had a trip planned over New Year's. So I wanted to come home to a clean, de-Christmased house. 

Drew and Libby made a last minute decision to go to Keaton Beach, FL right after Christmas to fish and enjoy the unseasonably warn weather we had late December. GK and I were invited, but I passed so I could relax and get the decorations put away. Libby had a great trip. She and Drew made some good memories and caught a lot of fish. She enjoyed being the only child on the trip and getting to do things without her little sister.


We tried something new this year for the New Year's holiday. The afternoon before New Year's Eve we packed up the family and headed to Panama City Beach. Our friends, the Hedges, drove down the next day.

It was a treat to have a change of scenery after being in our house so much over the break - remember all that rain I mentioned? Yeah, it made for long days inside the house. 

The girls were tickled to get away and be at the beach.

It was rainy throughout our stay, but there were some breaks in the weather. During those times we ran out to the beach to play. 

We also took some of the girls' Christmas gifts and enjoyed playing with them. Libby even had me color with her. I must admit, it was relaxing! Or maybe it was the wine...?

We chilled and were lazy at times. We watched movies and read books. It was nice to be away and have that down time. 

Our friends arrived the next day and the kids were excited about having playmates at the beach. 

We ventured out to Pier Park for their New Year's Eve celebration. We walked around for a bit, listened to the band. 

But (more) rain rolled in. We decided to head back to the condo to watch the Alabama game (Roll Tide!) and let the kids play and watch the ball drop. Three out of the four kids made it 'til midnight. They were wild and silly. And we had a lot of laughs...and played with Snapchat. :)

The adults had a very competitive card game going on throughout the night. By the way, I beat them all and it was my first time playing this particular game. 

New Year's Day, the weather was rainy, but we managed to get out and play in the lulls. 

The rain cleared out after lunch and we decided a group trip to the county pier would be something new to try. 

It was a good activity. Lots to see. Plenty of space to roam around. 

We decided at the end of the trip, that we're glad we tried something new. The weather did not play in our favor, but we enjoyed getting away and the kids had a great time playing with each other. 

Happy New Year! Let's kick off 2016 in a big way!

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  1. That Hedges crew looks like a good time! ;)


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