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Several of the blogs I follow (you can see a list of my favorite blogs at the bottom, right of my home page, just scroll down) periodically share products they use and like. I enjoy reading about them and trying some of the items they recommend.

This post is the latest round up of products I use and think you might like, too.

My friend, Kathryn, and I have been hooked on Vaseline for lip balm and eye make up remover since college. Recently I found the rosy lips flavor. It has a hint of pink. I keep tiny container in my makeup bag in my purse.


Friends, dry shampoo is where it's at! I have a secret: I do not wash my hair everyday. I did for years. And I hated washing, drying and styling it everyday. It took so much time. I read articles and blogs about women who didn't wash their hair every day (some only wash it every third or fourth day...what?!) I didn't know it was possible. So I researched, bought a few different brands of dry shampoo. And guess what? I am a believer! 

You spray this on your roots prior to styling your hair on day two. Let it sit for 30 seconds or so, then shake out. It revives your hair, soaks up oil and gives life back to dull hair. There are tips and videos online, but it's pretty simple. Batiste is a great brand and very affordable. 

I also bought a bottle of Living Proof's Perfect Hair Day. It's more expensive, but I wanted to try several brands to know which ones work best for my hair. It has a stronger scent, but seems to work pretty well. 


The girls and I swear by The Wet Brush. We have three brushes in our bathroom. I keep finding new colors and buying them. 

I bought the first one from my hair dresser. Then saw them (much cheaper) in retail stores - Ulta, Burlington, TJ Maxx, etc. You can brush your hair wet or dry and somehow it magically doesn't tangle. It's a nice bonus when I'm brushing out the girls' hair after a bath. A lot less fussing...hallelujah!  


My name is Beth and I am addicted to chap stick and lip gloss. Here are three of my favorites: 

1. Burt's Bee lip gloss. 2. EOS lip balm. 3. C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint.


I discovered when training for my half marathon this time around that I had been wearing the wrong socks. I picked up a pair of low cut/no show socks at Target this summer. 

And they are awesome! I thought a thicker sock would cushion my feet, but they actually hurt my feet sometimes. This thinner material actually supported my arches better than before. It has reinforced layers at the right spots. And my feet never bothered me while training. 

I also bought this Under Armor style as well. 

Thin, reinforced socks are now part of my workout/running uniform.


I also started wearing a running belt while training this time around. I've tried different bands and cases over the years, but just couldn't find anything that wasn't bulky or annoying when I was running.

I bought this running belt on a whim at TJ Maxx and I love it. 

It holds my car key, phone, has a spot for ear buds and cord to come out. I actually turn my belt around like this lady. Don't want it to look like fanny pack! 

It's light weight and I don't have to hold my phone (music while I run) or have a bulky arm strap that slips down while running. 

So there's my list of products I use, like and endorse. Feel free to ask me any questions. I'm happy to share more about any product.

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