Christmas Round Up

11:11 AM

I recapped Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in it's own post. Here is the round up of other excitement we had over the break. It was busy. It was fun!

Santa Clause sent the girls letters. Each got one and they were so excited!

He praised them for the good things they've done over the year and encouraged them to stop the bad stuff - like being grumpy in the mornings and jumping on Mom's new couch! Amen, Santa. Preach!

We had an entertaining evening at our Annual Friends' Christmas party hosted by the Hedges. We're holding some of the dirty Santa gifts given this year. 

We had dinner with Ingram side of the family. 

Cousin Hunter hosted the family at his new home.  

We spent time playing with Uncle Drew and Jessenia while they were in town from Colorado.

Libby was pulling out board games in no time flat! She loved having them to play with.

We also enjoyed our 2nd annual Cookie Bake with friends. We had a house FULL of kids. Rolling, cutting and decorating.

We're sure Coop will be sweeping up sprinkles for weeks! 

After we cleaned up and sorted ALL the cookies for each family. We made a plate to take to Cassie who was in the hospital (for five weeks total) on bed rest. We piled in and paid her a (loud and lively) visit!

We moved our zoo crew out to the court yard to enjoy some fresh air and let the kids run free. 

All the kids with Cassie. 

Since this picture was taken, Cassie has been allowed to go home (yay!) and continue her bed rest at her house. She's still very limited in her activity, but at least she can be home and get a break from the hospital. 

Christmas day the girls and I practiced taking selfies. I think we nailed it. ;)

I found this sweet picture of Georgia Kate and Motsie from Christmas Day. GK was showing her how her baby doll sang when you pushed the button. So precious. 

And over the break we got SO MUCH RAIN. I was beginning to doubt that it would ever stop. One evening we rode with Mimi and Papa down to the Riverwalk to see just how high the Chattahoochee River had risen.

Even after these pictures were taken the rain continue to fall. It was very wet and rainy holiday.

The Tuesday before New Years Eve we had one day of sunshine. We met friends for a play date. GK got the hang of her bike and we enjoyed getting out of the house. 

Even though the weather was so strange (rainy, warm and unpredictable) we made the most of our Christmas break. It was a great two weeks of relaxing and spending time with friends and family. 

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