There Goes January

2:50 PM

  As I looked at my planner yesterday I was surprised to see what little was left of January. Well okay then. Guess it's time to welcome February. We stayed busy this month with the usual things: school, work, family, friends and Upward Cheerleading. 

The weather has been cold this month. We've been indoors more and I've had time to read. I finished Gray Mountain and started The Royal We

My best girls and I celebrated Hedges birthday this month. Coop baked a homemade strawberry cake at Beth's request. It was SO GOOD!

After dinner we did some porch sitting around the fire pit. It was a fun night. 

 When it wasn't raining or too cold, the girls got out to play. They never seem to get tired of riding the Gator. :)

 Every Friday night Libby has had a game. 
More cheering for Libby. 

More being supportive fans for us. 

 The girls and I enjoyed having MLK Day off from school. We celebrated with donuts at Krispy Kreme. 


 Several of our friends met us there, as well. 

Libby's school celebrated the 100th Day of School this month. This day sort of stumps me. We have limited props and I halfway hoped Libby wouldn't want to dress up. But she did. So we dug around the closet and found a few things. She loved the added touch of putting powder in her hair to make it look grey. 

Even with minimal effort she had fun and looked pretty cute. 

Libby also asked Drew for the first time to let her go hunting. He's tried to get to her to go in the past and she's wanted no part of sitting still in the cold. Me either, sweetie. 

So Drew was thrilled when she asked to go with him. They went a few times and saw several deer. She even shot at a doe. They didn't get a deer this time, but Libby was happy with her attempt.

  And lastly I worked a huge Career Expo for 8th graders in my region of the state. 4,000+ students moved through the expo in two days. I was SO TIRED. It was a great event but no matter how it shakes out, everyone is exhausted when it's over. 

I did get to try a few of the interactive areas that were set up for the students. 

Check out my work in front of a green screen! First I was in a snow storm. 

 Then I was reporting live from the front lawn of the White House. Please note if I get the chance to report from D.C. I won't wear a t-shirt. ;) 

 I was pointing out what I thought to be Michelle Obama's room. 

I also did some virtual training learning to drive a crane. I don't think the crew at Alabama Power is ready to hire me just yet. But give them time!

A selfie with two other Career Coaches, Laura and Nicole. We had a great two days working this event. They kept me entertained and sane while dealing with the thousands of students. 

To recap January was cold, busy and left me feeling like this...

(Snap Chat filter) Simple fun keeps me very entertained.

So long, January! It's been real.

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