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10:52 AM

We are in the thick of winter in our part of the south. Up until recently it's been a mild season, but the last few weeks we've had several deep freezes. 

It's also the time of the season that stores start marking their winter coats down to make room for spring inventory. I love browsing coat sales each year. I really have a thing for pretty coats - but their full retail prices are shocking at times! So I patiently wait on mark downs.

 Here are several adorable coats that are on sale and I'd love to add to my collection:

Attention (yes, a Kmart brand!)

(Technically a vest, but so cute!)

I love the classic looks of pea coats and swing coats. You can wear them for many years. And that leather coat is really cute, as well!

Happy winter coat sale shopping!

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  1. I'll have one in every color of the first one and I love that brown leather one! Thanks for the heads up, I'll start searching for the perfect sale!


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