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4:16 PM

Sometimes before staring a post I think, "I'm not sure what to post about." Then I take a moment to reflect on the past week and I realize all of the day-to-day happens is exactly what I want to post about. 

Here's what's up with us:

Libby and I (and a big group of friends) attended the AU/AL gymnastics meet hosted at Auburn University. 

Gymnastics is such an exciting sport to watch. It was fun to have Alabama team compete so close to our hometown. Both teams are really good. The girls flip, twirl, fly and have impressive skills!

Note: I am wearing Crimson, Libby is not. 

It was a fun night with friends, eating snacks from the concession stand and staying up past our bedtime. :)

Georgia Kate seems to be gaining more personality by the minute. She's so much fun. I don't know if she could be any cuter. I love this three-year-old! 

Valentine's Day 2016 came and went. We had a fun night with friends who hosted a Valentine's Party. 

It was nice to have an evening with adults and laugh a lot! 

I found the cutest door mat at Target. I was going to wait until spring to put it out but I couldn't wait even one day before swapping it out. Our cat likes it, too.

This weekend the weather was warm and spring like. So we got out and played after school in the afternoons. 

The weather was still mild for an outdoor party Saturday. GK and her friend, Carley, must had slid down the inflatable slide no less than 30 times

Libby spotted her artwork on display at Publix over the weekend. The store is a Partner in Education and they do a great job of posting art and projects from her school. 

p.s. it's a ground hog. 

I took this picture Monday evening. These two LOVE to listen to music when they ride in the car with me or Drew. They love to have us play CDs and request their favorites - okay, sometimes it's more of a demand. They love to sing. So any time they hear a new song (that Drew and I deem okay) they beg to pull up the music video on one of our phones. 

They watched/listened to Maren Morris' My Church over and over. And I had to capture this sweet moment. I love that God gave them a sister to grow up with. 

They say there is no rest for the weary. And it's true when you have kids! We had two weeks off from Upward Cheerleading before softball kicked off. Libby had evaluations this weekend. The teams will be selected and practice starts in three days. 

She's moving up to an 8U team and transitioning to fast pitch this year. Big changes! I'll keep you posted as the season unfolds. 

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  1. Puffer vests on FLEEK! And I want to squeeze GK in those pics with the glasses! :)


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