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I'm not only a blog writer, but a blog reader. I have many favorites (see very bottom right for a list of blogs that I read almost every day.) 

Two of my favorite bloggers focus on hair and makeup. Over the past year I have watched many, many video tutorials on how to style my hair, what products to try (which started my love of dry shampoo) and makeup tips. Both of these bloggers are moms of young kids so they keep it real. They show tips and shortcuts on how to look good. Also they encourage me to try new hair styles for work and weekend. 

The first blogger is Kate from The Small Things:

And since I reading her blog, I have gone further down the rabbit hole and follow her on Instagram and Snapchat. She's cute and has a laid back approach to her blog. 

My other favorite hair and style blogger is Abby from Twist Me Pretty. Abby is bubbly and very cute! I follow her on social media, as well. 

Check out their blogs if you need hair inspiration! Thanks, Kate and Abby, for encouraging me not to give up on cute hair styles just because I'm a busy mom! 

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