Are We There Yet?

9:31 AM

Two Days. Just two more days and  I  the kids can run screaming from their school shouting, "It's Spring Break!" 

We've all been dragging this week. We lost an hour with Daylight Savings tired! The pollen has been off the charts in Alabama. I feel like we are staggering through the week. We need spring break! 

We are planning a quick trip and I'll share pictures when we return. Hopefully I'll look very rested and refreshed. Yes, that sounds lovely.

This week we enjoyed Open House at Drew's work. 


Baby Rima and her mom came to visit. So you know we had to take a selfie. Babies these days. SO into the electronics ;)

Drew and Libby have tackled a new project. Libby requested we turn a flower bed (that has just had pine straw covering it lately) into a small garden. We thought that was a great idea. So she and Drew worked to get it cleared. They raked and shoveled small rocks, pulled weeds and removed pine straw. 

Then Drew tilled the area. It's all ready to be planted after Easter. 

Can't wait to enjoy these precious faces next week. Did I mention only TWO MORE DAYS? 

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