Spring Weather Makes Us Feel Happy

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Hi friends! We've had the nicest, spring-like weather over the last week and the whole family is loving it! #welcomespring #weloveyou

The first week of March both girls' schools celebrated Read Across America week in honor of Dr. Suess' birthday. 

I grabbed a few pics throughout the week. The girls got to wear crazy hairdos, mix/matched clothes and even PJ's on Friday. 

Libby had her first experience in politics last week. Super Tuesday we had several big, local elections as well as the presidential primary races. Monday after school Libby helped hold signs and rally support for Jamie Graham, who was running for District Attorney in Russell County. 

She had a big time waving, dancing and campaigning!

She even wore her shirt to school on election day. Unfortunately, our candidate didn't win. He ran a great race, but it wasn't his turn to win. But knowing someone in the race allowed Libby to watch, learn and ask many questions about how and why we vote. 

Saturday morning I ran in a local 5K, Colors Run. 

I had a good time, finished just under 30:00 minutes. The weather was cool and sunny - perfect for running! It was fun (and colorful) to have powder thrown in my eyes, mouth and ears! :o

Sunday after church and naps, we loaded up and headed to the park. Libby and Drew practiced hitting with her new bat and GK and I were their fans. 

When we got home Georgia needed to take some batting practice, as well. 

No doubt she's going to be a ball player, too. She loves to run the bases- translation: run to touch the tree and run back at full speed. She is always so proud of herself! 

Then she informed us she would be the catcher. She secured her bike helmet, grabbed Libby's glove and got in position.

It went like this...

She got crouched and ready. 

She shouted gave a few pointers. 

Was annoyed when no one listened to her. 

Waited for people (ahem, Libby and Drew) to follow instructions. 

Then was pleased when they did what she said. :)

And this is our life every day...ha!

We had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to more fun this spring. 

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