Let's Cram it In

3:00 PM

What a month December has been so far! This month is not for wimps! Who's with me?

Not only have we been staying busy with traditional Christmas things like parties, shopping and being scared of Santa, but we have been juggling so much more! Work has been very busy, my sweet Libby was sick for the better part of last week. We finally gave in and went to the doctor we found out she has strep throat with Scarlet fever. Poor baby! Also, Drew's grandmother, Sara, spent time in the hospital last week. And to top it off we FINALLY had blinds installed in the new house. We'd waited almost three weeks...yikes!

I still have several presents to purchase, but I've vowed not to panic about it - and so far I've been pretty good about it.

Here's a few pictures of some of the others things we've been up to. SEC weekend, I was an AWESOME wife to my Auburn-loving husband and allowed Libby to support her Daddy's team. It wasn't easy to see Libby in orange and blue, so I better get credit for this in the form of an outstanding Christmas present. (hint, hint Drew!)

Libby and Coop

Libby's version of corn hole. She won every round, imagine that.

Also, Chris the Elf has been on watch for the past few weeks.

Sadly, Libby isn't the least bit concerned about his daily reports to Santa. In fact, she might be behaving more badly than before he moved in.

I found her dumping out the cat's food in the middle of the kitchen floor. She was excited to show me what she was doing. She couldn't understand why I didn't want to join her. Grrr!

I'll be back soon with more Christmas updates. Jingle, jingle!

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  1. Brodie is DYING to get a cat. I am allergic, and Doug is not a fan. What are your thoughts on cats? Should Santa bring a cat?

  2. cramming it all in is my motto!! What a month! I'm with you! Don't panic, I have only purchased 3 gifts total...it's bad :)


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