More Christmas Cheer

3:00 PM

We attended one of our favorite holiday get-togethers this weekend. Our friends, Beth and Gabe, hosted their annual Christmas party and many of our close friends were there.

We had a great meal and enjoyed being with some of our best friends.

You might remember that from last year's post, that we always exchange dirty Santa presents. And as usual, the gifts were useful tasteful entertaining!

Stuart's presents was one of the funniest of the night!

And somehow, Drew ended up with a gift he actually liked and will use. A new Auburn t-shirt!

Such a fun night!

Before I sign off, I want to share some exciting news! I have a very special trip planned later in the week. I'll give you a hint...

New York City or bust! Happy early Christmas to me!

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  1. So jealous! New York City!! Have so much fun and be careful! Oh, I wish you could pack me in your carryon and take me with you!


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